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Rhenus Warehousing Solutions
is the specialist to meet the specific demands of your sector. We offer warehouse logistics platforms in form of multi-user centres, dedicated solutions and in-house solutions.

In addition to standard services for specific industries, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions offers a broad range of value-added services.


We offer our customers in the automobile sector integrated project management aling the complete value-added chain.

Taking into account the special challenges of this sector, we develop slim, flexible and highly efficient logistics concepts tailor-made to meet your needs with the help of our Rhenus expertise.

Be one step ahead through logistics


There is a need for suitable business sites and highly qualified employees to store and handle hazardous goods. Rhenus has many opportunities an extensive experience of handling a broad spectrum of items. We also pay attention to the strict quality and environment protection standards and implement them.

Our control tower concept for managing global transport chains and taking into consideration suitable vehicles and transfer points guarantees a high degree of reliability and transparency for your supply chain.

More information on the storage of hazardous substances



The chemistry has to be just right!


Our engineers develop individual concept solutions to help you optimise your stocks, increase the availability of your goods and improve your ability to deliver them - regardless of whether the batch involves one item or mass production.

Special requirements, special solutions!


Rhenus Warehousing Solutions offers unique, tailor-made logistics solutions for the electronics sector.

Our services for your sector - from entertainment electronics to telecommunications and even electronic components - range from production supplies to warehousing with value-added services and even spare part and reverse logistics.

Speedy, secure and Service-oriented!


Rhenus Warehousing Solutions ensures that your fast-moving goods reach the retail sector´s shelves very quickly!

The demands of the customer goods sector are particularly far-reaching and require the greatest sensitivity as regards their shelf life, packaging and the relevant certification. By making use of the global Rhenus network, we can develop tailor-made logistics concepts with you to ensure the best possible storage, handling and delivery of your goods.

Availability is the key!

Home & Lifestyle

We will do justice to your image and the value of your products.

You are in good company - regardless of whether you trade in furniture, luxury items or Lifestyle products. We will be happy to inform you about our wide range of references in your sector.

Logstics that inspires


The challenges facing the industry are varied. The constantly changing fashion trends and the change of collection several times a year are making the fashion logistics an independent logistics branch. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions provides targeted and innovative logistics solutions, based on years of experience and the successful completion of challenging projects in the textile sector.
This includes the optimization of the process chain and the selection of appropriate technical equipment.
We take over the handling of your B2B and B2C orders from A to Z with the help of our many value-added services.

Our Fashionlogistics - Always in motion

Media & Merchandising

We offer bulk consolidation for purchasing purposes, neutral warehousing and individual job processing.

Print-on-demand solutions in the printing business guarantee that you are up-to-date and stocks are reduced.

Consolidated consignment, pre-picking geared towards particular themes and value-added services for individual stores complete our product portfolio. 

Your company´s mouthpiece to the outside world!

Pharma & Health Care

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions provides logistics concepts from A to Z for your logistics requirements. As a skilled and reliable logistics partner in the pharmaceuticals sector, we are commited to complying with the relevant regulations.

We handle warehousing, picking, piecing together and packaging projects in line with the certification that we possess (KSO13485), GMP/GDP and our current wholesale trade permit.

Validated Systems architectures and a Rhenus-wide Quality Management tool ensure a high degree of transparency and reliability.

More information on the storage pharamceutical/ hazardous substances you can find here

Compliant Logistics

We will draw up the suitable warehouse logistics solution along your supply chain individually designed to meet your needs. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions – we are the experts for your industry!

Benefit from our expertise!

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions is your reliable and competent partner for specific industries. We are your specialist for integrated logistics. Ranging from procurement, production and in-house logistics to distribution logistics and after-sales services, we offer you innovative and efficient warehouse logistics solutions.

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