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Value-added services from A to Z!

High-quality value-added services make the crucial difference in any competitive environment. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions has developed a broad portfolio of value-added services that focus on benefits geared towards products and the markets. They include activities like preliminary or module assembly work, making up kits and sets, filling displays at the point of sale, packaging work, labelling and many other processing services.

The Rhenus Warehousing Solutions WMS (Warehouse Management System) is not only able to handle classic warehouse logistics processes, but also offers the opportunity of handling supportive planning and production steps and therefore providing high-quality value-added services.

This ensures that activities, which tie up capital, are not performed until the time that they are directly needed – for example, as part of a “build on demand” strategy.


  • Amazon Prime certificated
  • Assembling





  • Blistering


  • Display construction / co-packing
  • Destroying products
  • Disposal



  • Display construction / co-packing
  • Destroying products
  • Disposal


  • Flocking
  • Foliation


  • Hazardous materials storage


  • Ironing


  • Keeping the brandy stock book (spirits)


  • Labelling


  • Mounting work



  • Quality and function checks
  • Quality services (sampling, removing items from circulation, disposal work etc.)


  • Sequencing
  • Sorting
  • Stuffing


  • Technical function checks


  • Wrapping gifts

IT expertise at Warehousing Solutions as your competitive edge

A very high level of IT expertise and our in-house developed systems and process architectures are the keys to our success. We use our own Rhenus Warehouse Management System (Rhenus WMS) across Europe. The Rhenus WMS also enables us to design processes to match individual customer requirements. Experience from hundreds of projects and a broad degree of sector expertise are the foundation for our ongoing development work.

We have other in-house systems like

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions integrated system (web-based)

  • A system for determining and assessing our own and outside key performance indicators
  • A supplier management tool
  • An accounting system
  • A complaints management system

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions quality management system

  • Partly designed to cope with the requirements for ensuring compliance in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Transparent and clear presentation of processes and documentation for them

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions transport management system

  • System-based handling of all scheduling and accounting issues related to transport operations

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