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Rhenus Warehousing Solutions understands the demands of the retail sector right across the board. We support your sourcing and sales paths where you need us. We are able to draw on our experience of demands in a wide variety of business models in our logistics partnerships with our customers.

We have access to several millions of square metres of warehousing space in Europe and Asia. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions makes available large-scale business sites, what are known as multi-user solutions, which can be used in a flexible way. Where Rhenus Warehousing Solutions does not yet have any multi-user facilities at the moment or encounters very specific requirements, we move to new regions with our customers and construct special facilities (dedicated solutions) geared towards their needs.

These facilities can take on the function of sourcing, cross-docking, sorting or finished goods logistics centres within the supply chain and they are also ideally equipped to act as a platform for reverse/returns logistics.

A large number of TOP retail companies rely on the services provided by Rhenus Warehousing Solutions.

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Storage types

Dedicated logistic centres

Dedicated Solutions, dedicated Solutions, Storage

Multi-user logistic centres

Multi-User Logistic Centres, Locations Rhenus, logistics storage

Inhouse Logistics

Inhouse Solutions


Value-added services

  • Display constructions/co-packing
  • Packaging
  • Quality and function checks
  • Labelling
  • Returns 
  • Transportmanagement
  • Print on Demand
  • Repairs

Overview of all VAS of Rhenus Warehousing Solutions.


Rhenus Warehousing Solutions takes on extensive tasks in handling warehouse logistics processes for store-based companies combined with providing value-added services to support the sales process. Pre-picking work for individual stores and particular topic areas and the preparation and processing of goods for sale, including pricing, are just some examples of the services that we offer.

We support ecological matters, for example, by developing individual reusable containers, including RFID management through our own packaging skills centre. You then benefit twice over.

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The customer comes first. The different ways of handling the channels and the constantly changing order and acceptance arrangements require highly efficient, but extremely flexible warehouse logistics structures and models. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions has the ideal logistics facilities to cope with the combination of demands in forward and reverse logistics and the associated flexibility of the channels.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions manages to concentrate different logistics requirements in one handling operation.


Rhenus Warehousing Solutions offers everything that rapidly growing business models require. Existing multi-user facilities enable the company to cope with huge surges in growth. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions already has a closely knit network of e-commerce networks in Europe and Asia.

Scalable, highly dynamic and efficient IT systems guarantee speed, transparency and quality advantages in a competitive environment. Flexible personnel and warehouse models and a European network of business sites complete the successful logistics operations for e-commerce. In addition to handling warehouse logistics tasks, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions supports specific business models and provides a wide variety of value-added services.

Our portfolio includes:

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