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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Fulfillment Solutions

Your partner for one-stop fulfillment solutions

We support our e-commerce customers in line with their needs along an increasingly complex value added chain. According to requirements, we will accompany you in logistics, payment management and providing customer services. Committed fulfillment specialists at Rhenus will solve even the most intricate job requirements in your interest. Benefit from our innovative expert knowledge! We offer you extensive industry solutions as well as individual concept designs. Learn more about our fulfillment solutions.

Fulfillment solutions for startup and medium-sized businesses

You count yourself among the small or medium-sized businesses? With Rhenus Fulfillment Solutions you can profit from first-class performances, individual services and personal consulting just as large corporations do. You can rely on the competence of our local counterparts and at the same time benefit from the comprehensive network of the Rhenus group.

Returns management with Rhenus

You run an online shop and enjoy steadily growing number of sales? It’s about time you start managing your returns logistics professionally and thus to save costs. In line with your requirements Rhenus will create an individual returns process and organize your overall returns management. Our contact center offers optimized fulfillment solutions for checking your returns whilst increasing customer satisfaction.
Some Services of the Rhenus Returns management:

  • Assessment of returns
  • Reconditioning of goods
  • Disposing of or recycling of goods
  • Repacking products
  • Putting products back in storage
  • Rapid credit notes for your customers


  • Booking payment receipts
  • Dunning process
  • Credit assessment
  • Annual and monthly accounts
  • Statistic and reporting
  • Fee handling

Contact Center

  • Data administration for customer data
  • Handling of customer request (via phone, e-mail or telefax)
  • Order registration  and handling  
  • Complaint management inclusive statistical report
  • Call-Center for direct- and retail customers
  • Invoicing in the name of our customers
  • learn more about our services at Rhenus Kundenprofi

IT Management & Webshop

  • Application management
  • Warehouse management
  • IT-Support
  • Change-management
  • ERP System
  • Computer center services
  • Development interfaces & middleware
  • E-Book-production
  • Development and handling webshop-solutions
  • Print on Demand (PoD)

Internal partners

Warehousing Solutions

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