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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions offers customised warehousing solutions for industry and manufacturing companies. Our closely knit network of large logistics business sites across Europe always ensures that we can provide the best possible solution for your requirements. As an alternative or in addition, we can provide extensive inhouse logistics solutions and handle value-added, warehouse logistics tasks within the customer’s supply chain around the globe.

We also offer you maximum safety and professionalism for the storage of hazardous materials. With many years of experience in chemical and pharmaceutical logistics and numerous trained experts, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions is a reliable logistics partner for companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions combine flexible, innovative service modules with a high degree of process and methodical expertise. We develop our IT systems architectures ourselves and can therefore cater for any specific customer requirements very quickly.

Processes supported by KPIs and coupled with best practice logistics solutions guarantee high-quality standards and the best possible process transparency.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions becomes involved in the process landscape at the point where you need us.

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Service portfolio

Storage types


Value-added services

  •     Consolidation  components, set formation, assembling, etc.
  •     Packaging
  •     Labelling
  •     Returns
  •     Quality Checks
  •     …

Overview about all VAS


On the sourcing side, we offer you multi-user solutions tailored to your sector or dedicated warehouse solutions ideally located for your production sites.

Once goods have arrived at the warehouse, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions manages all the necessary processes and activities in order to ensure that the goods arrive at your factories without a hitch.

We manage supply concepts, e.g. consignment warehouses or Kanban, between you and your partners.

This may include the following tasks:

  • Handling and coordinating suppliers
  • Order management
  • Quality checks and measurements
  • Pre-assembly work
  • Just-in-time/just-in-sequence deliveries to the point of production
  • Container management/cleaning

Other value-added services and customs clearance complete our portfolio in a practical manner.


Rhenus Warehousing Solutions not only manages goods for your production, but also handles tasks within your infrastructure, at the factory site or in production processes. Ranging from simple transport tasks to complex assembly operations, we become integrated in your factory logistics processes and part of the value-added chain.

Our portfolio includes taking over or providing personnel, processing tasks covered by service contracts or preliminary and final assembly work.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions introduces the high-performance Rhenus warehouse and production management software into projects or works with your systems architecture.


Rhenus Warehousing Solutions offers an extensive logistics network in Europe and Asia for distribution logistics. These business sites can take on the function of a central warehouse, a regional warehouse or as a cross-docking platform within your supply chain. Space-saving storage, customised picking/piecing together, extensive value-added services and even packaging services designed to meet retailers’ requirements are just some of the services within our portfolio.

You can also rely on Rhenus Warehousing Solutions when it comes to dispatching your goods, regardless of which means of transport is used. We can make use of our own transport network here or even manage other logistics partners.


You can also count on us after your products have been sold. Rhenus Warehousing Solutions ensures the prompt supply of your spare parts by using flexible processes and established IT solutions.

We can cope with time-critical processes with our high-performance systems architectures, flexible personnel concepts and individual technical solutions, which are designed to cope with the demands and needs of the after-sales market. We also supply your specialist workshops and retailers with the necessary materials and products. By pooling stocks at one central business site, we can reduce stocks and therefore any capital tied up in them.

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